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The Vendome Press is a preeminent publisher of art and illustrated books. Founded in 1980, the company is named after the most elegant square in Paris, the Place Vendôme. The company’s mission is to imbue every book it publishes with the impeccable quality and taste of its namesake. Visit

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Cover image for Maine House II

The Maine House II


The authors of the highly successful The Maine House continue their quest to record and celebrate the authentic Maine houses of their childhoodsa...

Cover image for Veere Grenney: Seeking Beauty

Veere Grenney: Seeking Beauty


In Veere Grenney: Seeking Beauty, the revered English fabric and interior designer welcomes us into his three spectacular homes. World-renowned...

Cover image for Inside Yucatán Hidden Mérida and Beyond

Inside Yucatán

Hidden Mérida and Beyond


Exploring forgotten regions of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, Susana Ordovás and photographer Guido Taroni uncover the faded splendor of both...

Cover image for Rowing Blazers Revised and Expanded Edition

Rowing Blazers

Revised and Expanded Edition


Renowned designer and former US national team oarsman Jack Carlson's revised and expanded edition of Rowing Blazers is an essential and glorious...

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