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MEGASCOPE is a line of graphic novels curated by John Jennings and dedicated to showcasing speculative and non-fiction works by and about people of color, with a focus on science fiction, fantasy, horror, history, and stories of magical realism.

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Tales of the Orishas


In ancient times, when heaven and Earth were united as two halves of a gourd, deities and heroes walked among men. They fought battles with fury...

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The Last Count of Monte Cristo


An Afrofuturist, fully colored, illustrated graphic-novel retelling of Alexandre Dumas's classic 19th-century novel The Count of Monte Cristo,...

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Queenie: Godmother of Harlem


Queenie: Godmother of Harlem isa historical graphic novel inspired by the life of legendary mobster Stephanie Saint-Clair, the infamous criminal...

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The Keeper


A young Black girl finds herself trapped between desperation and her family's dark history in The Keeper, a horror graphic novel written by New...

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