Veere Grenney: Seeking Beauty

Veere Grenney: Seeking Beauty

  • ISBN: 9780865654334
  • Publication Date: May 14, 2024


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In Veere Grenney: Seeking Beauty, the revered English fabric and interior designer welcomes us into his three spectacular homes.

World-renowned interior visionary Veere Grenney takes us on an in-depth tour of his impressive residences in Tangier; Suffolk, England; and, for the first time, his new London home.

The book begins with his beloved Tangerine villa—a decade-long labor of love and must-see for all garden enthusiasts, completed with the help of friend and expert in wild garden design Umberto Pasti and a regency gazebo designed by architect Cosimo Sesti. Next, we visit the Temple, his 18th-century Suffolk “pocket Palladian” set within the parkland of Tendring Hall and with views of the fishing lake and geranium-filled garden. Grenney called this picturesque sanctuary home for much of 2020. Finally, with exclusive photographs and annotations, Grenney opens the doors for the very first time to his brand-new London home.

Grenney has been praised by Schumacher creative director Dara Caponigro as knowing “when to pull out the stops and when to show quiet restraint, creating interiors that are, at once, serene and exciting and never forgetting that rooms should be comfortable and liveable.” This elegant volume showcases his skill in marrying traditional styles with contemporary living, and how his spectacular career has influenced the styling of his personal spaces.

Includes Color Photographs by Francesco Lagnese


"Seeking Beauty is the latest book by interior designer Veere Grenney. . . . His depth and breadth of experience is evident in this extensive tour of the houses he has created for himself in Tangier in Morocco, Suffolk and London, each with their distinctive mood."
—Country Life

"The decorating influences [Veere Grenney] first discovered in magazines back in Auckland appear throughout. There’s the Temple, the Neoclassical lodge rediscovered in 1955 by his hero, David Hicks; his Chelsea flat, Chesil Court, with its nods to Billy Baldwin; and Gazebo, his sprawling pile in Tangier, with its touches of John Fowler and Nancy Lancaster. . . .[Epitomizing] the fulfillment of a life animated by ‘the complete desire for beauty’."
—The World of Interiors

“This is the story of the three current homes of Veere Grenney, an interior designer at the very top of the tree. . . . This deeply personal book is a joy for anyone who loves interior decoration, but there is another, more profound skein in his writing, referenced in its title. Alongside his Christian faith, mentioned at intervals in the book, Veere’s search for beauty in both his work and his surroundings is his defining lifelong quest.”
—House & Garden, Elfreda Pownall

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