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Ducasse Édition was the first publishing company to specialize solely in the culinary field. Created in 1999 to fulfill Chef Alain Ducasse’s desire to publish his Grand Livre de Cuisine, a true culinary encyclopedia and gastronomic manifesto, it now also provides a platform for books by leading chefs and figures in French and international cuisine, for the enjoyment of enthusiasts and the general public. Visit alain-ducasse.com

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Flowers is the latest French patisserie cookbook from award-winning French pastry chef Cédric Grolet. After the success of his books Fruit:...

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Opera Patisserie


The French cookbook Opera Pâtisserie marks the entrance of the most talented pastry chef of his generation, award winner Cédric Grolet, into...

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The Art of Pastry


Fruit is a lush cookbook presenting award-winning pastry chef Cédric Grolet's fruit-based haute couture pastries like works of art. Foreword...

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My Best: Daniel Boulud


Alain Ducasse. Eric Ripert. Daniel Boulud. Pierre Hermé. These are among the world's most celebrated chefs, the luminaries who changed the landscape...

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