Inside Paris

Inside Paris

  • ISBN: 9780865654402
  • Publication Date: September 17, 2024


Price: $80.00

An exclusive view inside the beautiful houses of Parisian interior and fashion designers, artists and influencers, expertly curated by photographer and author Ricardo Labougle.

Celebrated photographer and author Ricardo Labougle takes us on an odyssey through the most superbly decorated homes in Paris. Labougle’s striking photography highlights the rich variety of Paris interiors—from classical and rococo styling to more modern interpretations of decor.
However inspiration strikes, a Paris interior will rise magnificently to the occasion, as demonstrated by internationally-acclaimed Jacques Grange’s contemporary apartment situated in a Regency palace, the innovative rustic modernism of Studio KO, Vincent Darré’s breathtaking painted wall designs, which combine XVIII-century and 1920s styles, and Jacopo Etro’s architecturally exquisite space, enhanced by mid-century décor and filled with objets d’art.
With previously unseen interiors to discover, the magic of Paris is expertly captured in this magnificent volume that offers an insider's view of how these creators live and work, with observations that are unique to these individuals alone.

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