Mission Statement

We are ABRAMS. What that means:

We make books that reflect our commitment to the image and the word, to design and storytelling. We practice the art of books. At the heart of this practice are people—creators, colleagues, partners, and readers—who together form a passionate community committed to quality and integrity. We strive to be inclusive in our publishing and our organization and to celebrate a diverse array of voices, cultures, and ideas.

Here are the values that we work to uphold every day:


  • We welcome and support people of all races, classes, genders, sexualities, and abilities.
  • We are socially conscious and believe in donating our time, effort, books, and other resources to worthy and important causes throughout the year.


  • We are committed to creating an environment where everyone is encouraged to share ideas and speak their mind.
  • We are open to hearing, acknowledging, and responding to any employee who feels uncomfortable or unsafe at work.
  • We hold ourselves and each other accountable for words and actions and acknowledge that there is always room for growth and learning. When something goes wrong, we own it and learn from it.

We RESPECT Each Other

  • We keep our shared office environment clean, comfortable, and safe and present ourselves professionally in person, remotely, and at outside work-related events.
  • We trust and look after each other. We take the physical and mental health of our employees seriously and encourage them to take a day off when they need it.
  • We respect the right to privacy in each other’s personal lives.
  • We are thoughtful and professional in our communication and respect each other’s time by keeping meetings and written communication on point, direct, and productive.


  • We protect confidential and proprietary information—as it pertains to our company as well as our creators, business partners, and each other.
  • We are moral and fair with business partners and each other.

We Believe in YOU

We recognize the potential of each employee and are committed to nurturing the talent and development of our staff.

We Have FUN

We know that sometimes the days are long and the work can feel endless, but at all levels, we want employees to remember to have fun and to find the joy in putting the ABRAMS mission into practice.