World Turned Upside Down The Yorktown Victory That Won America's Independence

The World Turned Upside Down

The Yorktown Victory That Won America's Independence

  • ISBN: 9781647001025
  • Publication Date: April 12, 2022


Price: $17.99

The World Turned Upside Down isa dramatic, gripping history of the Siege of Yorktown, the last major battle of the American Revolution, told through vastly different perspectives.

In October 1781, American, French, and British forces converged on a small village named Yorktown—a place that the British would try to forget and Americans would forever remember. In his riveting, balanced, and thoroughly researched account of the Revolutionary War’s last pivotal conflict, author–historian Tim Grove follows the true stories of American, French, and British players, whose lives intersected at Yorktown.

Through very different viewpoints—from General George Washington to Alexander Hamilton to the notorious traitor Benedict Arnold, from young French hero Lafayette to British General Lord Cornwallis, and an enslaved man named James who became a spy, The World Turned Upside Down tells the story of bold decisions made by famous military leaders, as well as the everyday courage shown by civilians. For every side involved, the world forever turned upside down at Yorktown.

Profusely illustrated with archival images, broadsides, and letters, the book includes a timeline, endnotes, bibliography, and index.


"This engaging, well-researched, and at times suspenseful book explains the history of the American Revolution, focusing on the decisive battle at Yorktown, Virginia. . .History enthusiasts and those interested in freedom struggles will enjoy this." 

"The entire work is well written and expertly illustrated with maps, paintings, letters, broadsides, diary entries, and other primary sources." 
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