Wicked Nix

Wicked Nix

  • ISBN: 9781419728693
  • Publication Date: October 9, 2018


Price: $16.99

A visually stunning, middle-grade classic in the making about Wicked Nix, the foulest of the fairies

Mischievous woodland fairy Nix is up to no good. His beloved fairy queen has gone away, leaving him with a very important job: He must protect the forest from a most dangerous enemy—humans.
When a determined invader trespasses on his territory, Nix’s skills are put to the test as he invents several wicked tricks to chase the sorry fellow away. But when his efforts don’t go quite according to plan, it becomes clear that this intruder—and this sprite—may not be at all what they seem.
This gorgeous new fairytale by acclaimed author Lena Coakley, with illustrations by rising illustration star Jaime Zollars, explores the timeless bonds of family and the joy of finding home in unexpected places.

Wicked Nix is like any other fairy food—it is delightful; it will cut you to the core. With humor and heartbreak, devastating loss and the hope of connection, Wicked Nix is a meditation on the lies we tell ourselves to protect ourselves, and the unexpected ways we might build a family. A sharp, startling, wondrous story.”
—Kelly Barnhill, Newbery medalist for The Girl Who Drank the Moon

“Sheer delight.” —Kathy Stinson, author of Red Is Best and The Man with the Violin

Wicked Nix is a rare and enchanting book. Equal parts mischievous and poignant—this story is destined to linger in the hearts of all readers lucky enough to discover its magic. Easily the best fairy story I’ve read in years.”

—Jonathan Auxier, NYT bestselling author of The Night Gardener


"[Coakley] strikes a thoughtful balance between fairy tales and the realistic feelings of loss and love."

"Coakley offers up a secretive tale with an abundance of turns and surprises . . . readers pulled in by the premise will enjoy puzzling through unreliable-narrator Wicked Nix's mysteries. This dark twist on the old legend of stolen children is a spooky, compelling read."
Kirkus Reviews

"This is a magical fairy tale that leaves the reader’s heart aching for an abandoned, homeless child in the forest, and culminates with a touching ending."
School Library Connection

"Read alone or read aloud, Coakley’s tale has a tangible sense of wonder that conjures a cozy magic. A strong purchase."
School Library Journal

"As Nix reveals himself to be an increasingly unreliable narrator, readers will guess Nix’s true nature and the human’s relation to him . . . [will] satisfy young readers who like their fairies more tricky than glitter."
The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

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