Lost Drop A Picture Book

The Lost Drop

A Picture Book

  • ISBN: 9781990252297
  • Publication Date: October 24, 2023


Price: $20.99

The Lost Drop is a profound picture book based in prehistoric nature that examines the cycle of life and how we fit into the grand scheme of things, from author Grégoire Laforce and illustrator Benjamin Flouw.

Flo, a little drop of water, falls out of the sky and into the world for the first time. Unaware of the nature of her surroundings, or even her mere existence, she wonders who she is and where she’s supposed to go. As life pulls her in different directions, puts obstacles in her path, and guides her toward other living creatures, the answers to her questions continue to lack clarity. That is, until she finally sees the light and, suddenly, it all makes sense.

The Lost Drop is a wonderfully creative story that allows each reader, young and old, to gently discuss the cycles of life and our place within them.


"With its captivating narrative and radiant illustrations, The Lost Drop leaves a lasting impression. It's a treasure chest of teachings on identity, belonging, and the charm of nature, making it an indispensable tool for educators, librarians, and parents . . . To sum up, The Lost Drop is not merely a story. It's a journey of self-exploration, an ode to nature, and a vital tool for nurturing empathy and understanding."
—Canadian Review of Materials - 4 star review

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