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Enchanted Symphony A Picture Book

The Enchanted Symphony

A Picture Book

  • ISBN: 9781419763199
  • Publication Date: September 12, 2023


Price: $19.99

The Enchanted Symphony is an inspiring picture book about the power of art, nature, and community from New York Times bestselling mother–daughter duo beloved Academy Award-winner Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton.

When a lively village is beset by a mysterious fog, the town turns dull and silent; melancholy neighbors stop visiting each other and even going outside. Until one day, when a boy’s simple melody strikes a chord, reminding everyone of what matters most—even in the darkest of times.

Beautifully and colorfully illustrated by Elly MacKay, The Enchanted Symphony is a powerful, hopeful fairy tale celebrating life’s simple pleasures that bring us together.


Actor Andrews and her daughter Walton Hamilton pay tribute to the power of music. MacKay places her gracefully posed, diverse figures in luminously hued scenes of narrow streets and neatly kept buildings perched on a steep hill and threaded with musical staves. Sweet art. 

"Music drives away a depressive fog in this inventively illustrated fable."
—Publishers Weekly

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