Fruit The Art of Pastry


The Art of Pastry

  • ISBN: 9782841239887
  • Publication Date: March 19, 2019


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Fruit is a lush cookbook presenting award-winning pastry chef Cédric Grolet’s fruit-based haute couture pastries like works of art.

Foreword by Alain Ducasse

Cédric Grolet is simply the most talented pastry chef of his generation—he was named The World’s Best Pastry Chef in 2018. Food & Wine called his work “the apotheosis of confectionary creation.” He fashions trompe l’oeil pieces that appear to be the most perfect, sparkling fruit but are, once cut, revealed to be exquisite pastries with surprising fillings. They are absolutely unforgettable, both to look at and, of course, to eat.

The chef explains his techniques and his search for authentic tastes and offers a peek into his boundless imagination—he begins the creation of each dessert by drawing. With 130 recipes featuring 45 fruits—citrus, berries, wild and exotic fruits, and even nuts—every pastry lover will want Fruit, for inspiration and to admire the edible sculptures made by this award-winning star of French pastry making.

Includes color photographs


"Challenged to innovate, and hoping to shake things . . . when the fork plunged in, concentric layers of cake, cream and silky fruit purée were revealed, a flavor bomb of heightened color, texture and taste. By wrapping the results in hypermodern culinary craft, Grolet took a tradition of trompe l’oeil fruit dating back to 12th century Sicily and made it new."
—Wall Street Journal