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Witch for Hire A Graphic Novel

Witch for Hire

A Graphic Novel

  • ISBN: 9781419748110
  • Publication Date: August 24, 2021


Price: $12.99

When a series of high school pranks get out of hand, teen witch Faye Faulkner is the only one who can solve the case in Witch for Hire, a spooky YA graphic novel from New York Times bestselling writer/artist Ted Naifeh.

Faye Faulkner isn’t popular, and that’s just fine by her. She spends her lunches at the Loser Table with the other social rejects, aka her best friends, and brushes off the uninspired taunts from the cool kids. But when lonely freshman Cody finds her way to Faye’s corner of the cafeteria, it sets off a peculiar chain of events . . .

To Cody’s surprise, these kids aren’t so bad; an overdramatic theater nerd, a handicapable girl in a wheelchair, an overweight boy, and Faye, who comes to school every day dressed like a witch. But it’s no costume, Faye really is a witch!

While high school can be hell for many reasons, this year the ante has been raised when a series of pranks swiftly go from mischievous to downright dangerous. From the lowliest debate team nerds to the prom queen, no one is safe, not even the teachers! When things start to really get out of hand, Cody owns up to Faye: In a moment of desperation, she signed up for an online challenge that promises to grant popularity to those who follow the website’s twisted demands.

Now Faye is faced with a choice: Reveal her witchy nature to Cody and help her, or stand aside and keep her secret identity safe. Despite her misgivings, Faye takes on the case, but will her powers be strong enough to solve this mystery? And will people ever stop asking her if she puts newts’ eyes in her homemade baked goods?

Witch for Hire is a gothic whodunnit about resilience, magic, and the power of friendship.


"Readers who identify with feeling a little out of place in school or life will be begging to learn when the adventure continues. . . Spooky and fun, with substance as well." 
Kirkus Reviews

"Naifeh’s winding narrative captures the claustrophobia of cliques and catfights, with sharp, shadowy illustrations and an autumnal palette adding to the dark mood. An engrossing read."
School Library Journal

"In both story and art style, this is a good choice for readers who are looking for something that falls between the lightheartedness of Sabrina’s original comics and her new, grisly Chilling Adventures." 

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