Things We Said Today Short Plays and Monologues

Things We Said Today

Short Plays and Monologues

  • ISBN: 9781468309775
  • Publication Date: May 14, 2014


Price: $16.95

Things We Said Today features the scripts for award-winning playwright Neil LaBute’s groundbreaking DirecTV project 10x10—a series of short films written and directed by LaBute based on 10 compelling original monologues, five each for men and women. Also included are five short plays displaying the power and scope of LaBute’s creative vision.

In Pick One, three white guys come up with a way to solve America’s problems; in The Possible one young woman seduces another’s boyfriend for an unexpected reason. Call Back features an actress and actor who spar about a past encounter that she, unnervingly, remembers much better than he does. Good Luck (In Farsi), “a pleasingly astringent study in competitiveness and vanity” (New York Times) has two actresses pulling out all the stops in a pre-audition psych out; and in Squeeze Play a father and his son’s baseball coach strike a mutually beneficial deal. Rounding out the collection are two monologues commissioned as part of Centerstage’s “My America” project.

“Mr. LaBute is writing some of the freshest and most illuminating dialogue to be heard anywhere these days.” —Ben Brantley, New York Times