Small Speckled Egg

Small Speckled Egg

  • ISBN: 9781636551074
  • Publication Date: March 26, 2024


Price: $15.99

Start Small, Think Big sets readers on a journey of discovery, beginning with small miracles of life and connecting them to the big picture of our natural world. Each book features a large fold-out illustration on the final pages.

Small Speckled Egg starts with an egg. The fluffy chick that emerges is an Arctic tern – one of the most remarkable creatures on the planet. The story of her life is told clearly and carefully in a way that builds understanding. The illustrations draw the reader into the tern’s world to watch her grow from chick to juvenile, and marvel at her long migration from the top of the world to the bottom and back again. It’s a journey she does every year of her life. The story ends with her meeting her lifelong mate and the 50 adorable chicks they have in their lifetime. To make this a truly special elementary-science picture book, there is a big fold-out map; an illustrated lifecycle; big- thinking stats and facts, and an I-Spy to take young readers back into in the book to find the polar animals. This book also features a die cut hole in the cover.