Fluffy Flying Seed (Start Small, Think Big #4)

Fluffy Flying Seed (Start Small, Think Big #4)

  • ISBN: 9781636551272
  • Publication Date: February 25, 2025


Price: $15.99

Follow the life cycle of a dandelion seed from its small beginnings to its larger impact on the ecosystem of meadows and beyond

Start Small, Think Big sets readers on a journey of discovery, beginning with small miracles of life and connecting them to the big picture of our natural world. Each book features a large foldout illustration on the final pages. Fluffy Flying Seed starts small, with a tiny dandelion seed being carried by the wind and landing safely in a meadow, the perfect place to grow. This is its story: how it grows, protects itself from frost, reproduces, and becomes a food source for many creatures. There are facts about germination, photosynthesis, seed dispersal, parts of a plant, and food chains. The narrative progresses in a way that builds understanding, and the gorgeous illustrations bring the story and the science to life. Thinking big, the book shows why this much-maligned wildflower is important to animals in the spring, and why it is so successful at surviving and spreading. A big foldout has a world map showing the temperate regions where it thrives, an illustrated life cycle, and a Meadow I-Spy to take readers back through the book to deepen the learning experience. This book features a textured die-cut hole cover and a large foldout poster at the back of the book.

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