Slow Down For the Love of Home

The Slow Down

For the Love of Home

  • ISBN: 9781419771071
  • Publication Date: October 1, 2024


Price: $50.00

Designer and HGTV personality Leanne Ford shares design secrets and personal reflections on how she creates her warm, chic, and easy-going aesthetic—and how you can do the same

Leanne Ford’s imperfectly perfect designs inspire more than half a million social media fans daily. In this very personal design book, she shares her decorating philosophy, wry humor, and advice to live by. The Slow Down offers readers an inside look at how Leanne found her “wow does this need work” dream house and then moved (with her family in tow) across the country to turn it into a welcoming home. Her story has a rebellious soul that is refreshingly different from other interior design books: She encourages readers to slow down in their personal environments and celebrate the beauty of everyday moments. The Slow Down’s photos and narrative present a home tour like no other, stopping to recount crazy ideas (not always crazy!) and to offer thoughts on what makes a design really good and why Elsie De Wolfe is still right (about most things). You will come away with a new perspective and new ideas on how to make your home more joyful, elevated, and funky, fun, and just right.