English Country House Style Traditions, Secrets, and Unwritten Rules

English Country House Style

Traditions, Secrets, and Unwritten Rules

  • ISBN: 9781419773808
  • Publication Date: October 1, 2024


Price: $55.00

An interior design guide to creating English country house style wherever you may dwell, from property expert Katy Campbell and acclaimed photographer Mark Nicholson

The authors of At Home in the Cotswolds return with a new book full of English charm and style savvy. English Country House Style explores the signature rooms and furnishings that are synonymous with this comfortable, sumptuously lived-in look.

There are certain motifs unique to English country houses. These may be specific rooms, architectural details, decorative flourishes, or arrangements of furniture, but all are unmistakably synonymous with that peculiar and lovely ideal that is the English home in the countryside. These features are not solely the preserve of large country houses. Many can be found in country cottages as well as stately homes, and most can be recreated by modern homeowners in their own dwellings in urban, suburban, and rural environments.

This book explores the iconography of the English country house and lifts the curtain on its interior design secrets, with more than a dozen chapters on various country house motifs, each illustrated with photographs taken in private country homes throughout England. From the boot room to the butler’s pantry, from the library drinks table to the kitchen AGA, each chapter unpacks all the little design details for readers who are eager to make the look their own—or simply wish to enjoy a peek at English country life.