Reasons to Be Pretty Happy A Play

Reasons to Be Pretty Happy

A Play

  • ISBN: 9781468317084
  • Publication Date: August 7, 2018


Price: $14.95

With Reasons To Be Pretty Happy, award-winning playwright Neil LaBute revisits the characters first introduced in the Tony Award–nominated Reasons To Be Pretty and Reasons To Be Happy as they grapple with that eternal question: Have I become the person I wanted to be?

After five years in New York City, Greg and Steph return to their hometown for their 20th high school reunion and to a dramatic encounter with Kent and Carly, the friends they left behind. Old secrets and new lies become increasingly difficult to hide as the evening (and the drinking) goes on.

In this essential American play, Neil LaBute concludes his brilliant and penetrating Reasons trilogy with perfect clarity and enormous heart, capturing and refracting that moment in his characters’ lives—and in our own as well—when they finally land on a “pretty good” version of happiness.

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