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Marvel Value Stamps A Visual History

Marvel Value Stamps

A Visual History

  • ISBN: 9781419743443
  • Publication Date: March 28, 2023


Price: $29.99

From award-winning Marvel Comics writer, editor, and historian Roy Thomas comes the story of Marvel’s most-inspired comic book promotional campaign, collected in a single volume for the first time.

Cover by Alex Ross

In 1974 Marvel Comics publisher Stan Lee devised an ingenious promotional campaign—Marvel Value Stamps, which appeared on the letters pages of their monthly comics. Readers could cut out all 100 of these super hero and super villain stamps and place them in a special mail-order booklet. Once complete, these stamp books could then be redeemed for special discounts and exclusive merchandise. The program was so successful, a second set was released in 1975.

Now in Marvel Value Stamps: A Visual History, full-color reproductions of these long unavailable, out-of-print original stamp books, stamps, and all of the surrounding ephemera and source material are compiled into one must-have volume for collectors and fans.