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Marvel Big Book of Fun and Games

Marvel Big Book of Fun and Games

  • ISBN: 9781419761126
  • Publication Date: May 3, 2022


Price: $14.99

Marvel Big Book Fun and Games is the ultimate fun-filled, full-color Marvel activity book for the whole family—with more than 100 activities to enjoy—featuring legendary Super Heroes & Villains.

Introduction by Roy Thomas

Can you solve riddles with the genius of Iron Man? Spot the Invisible Woman before she disappears? Crack Nick Fury’s secret codes?

Hulk-smash through every challenge and help your favorite Marvel characters conquer the most head-scratching, pulse-pounding puzzles and games in the Multiverse. Journey through Doctor Strange’s mystic maze, unscramble Spider-Man’s word webs, weather Storm’s seek-and-find, fly through word searches faster than Falcon, and learn to conjure the Scarlet Witch—all you need is a pencil.

Featuring crosswords, mazes, word searches, trivia, drawing tutorials, connect-the-dots, and more from Marvel’s Fun and Games magazine, this a-maze-ing compendium is a throwback to classic comics and an activity-packed adventure perfect for Marvel fans young and old.