Kissing Game Short Stories

The Kissing Game

Short Stories

  • ISBN: 9781419705311
  • Publication Date: February 5, 2013


Price: $7.95

In this provocative collection of short stories, Aidan Chambers explores moments of truth, when a character or an event suddenly reveals an often surprising meaning: a girl loses her humanity when she takes a summer job as a theme-park character; a boy tries to save a girl from a fiery death, only to discover the same event happened one hundred years before. And the titular story, in which an innocent game takes a fatal turn, will haunt the reader for a long time.
These thought-provoking stories lend themselves beautifully to discussion, and once again Chambers treats us to his fiercely intelligent, finely crafted prose and incisive understanding of the wonderings of young people on the verge of adulthood.

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