Garbage Pail Kids

Garbage Pail Kids

  • ISBN: 9781419702709
  • Publication Date: April 1, 2012


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For the first time, all 206 rare and hard-to-find images of the Garbage Pail Kids stickers from series 1 through 5 are collected in an innovative package, along with a special set of four limited-edition, previously unreleased bonus stickers.

Garbage Pail Kids—a series of collectible stickers produced by Topps in the 1980s—combined spectacular artwork and over-the-top satire. The result was an inspired collaboration between avant-garde cartoonists and humorists including Art Spiegelman, Mark Newgarden, John Pound, Tom Bunk, and Jay Lynch. A new generation of fans continues to embrace this pop-culture phenomenon as Garbage Pail Kids stickers are still being published.

This exciting follow up to Wacky Packages is guaranteed to appeal to die-hard collectors as well as a new generation of fans.

“If you ask me, reliving my time with Bad Breath Seth and Potty Scotty is worth the cover price alone.” —

“I worried that [the Garbage Pail Kids] might seem too time-bound for their own good; but if anything . . . they’re more poignant. Maybe it’s because I’m a worried, concerned adult, but more likely it’s because nothing is ever as funny as it is when you’re ten years old—and everything is a lot scarier.” —

“There’s a lot of interesting stuff in Spiegelman’s intro, and in the afterward by John Pound, the artist who originated and drew the bulk of the Kids. But the real reason to buy this book is for the graphic brilliance of the art itself.” —Boston Phoenix

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