Facing Frederick The Life of Frederick Douglass, a Monumental American Man

Facing Frederick

The Life of Frederick Douglass, a Monumental American Man

  • ISBN: 9781419725463
  • Publication Date: January 9, 2018


Price: $19.99

Frederick Douglass (1818–1895) is best known for the telling of his own emancipation. But there is much more to Douglass’s story than his time spent enslaved and his famous autobiography. Facing Frederick captures the whole complicated, and at times perplexing, person that he was. Statesman, suffragist, writer, and newspaperman, this book focuses on Douglass the man rather than the historical icon.


"Most folks know Frederick Douglass as an escaped slave turned abolitionist. Bolden’s insightful, and impeccably researched, biography reveals, instead, a multifaceted man who would travel many paths and constantly redefine himself . . . Bolden’s beautiful, sophisticated narrative demonstrates that throughout all of his responsibilities, Douglass never lost sight of his biggest role—humanitarian."

"This narrative about a well-known figure feels fresh due to Bolden's skilled storytelling . . . A spirited biography that fully honors its redoubtable subject."
Kirkus Reviews

"Bolden successfully demonstrates in this biography how monumental a figure Frederick Douglass is in U.S. history . . . Bolden adroitly demonstrates the wealth of Douglass’s life and accomplishments with this stellar biography. A must for all nonfiction collections."
School Library Journal

"Bolden’s signature narrative style, concise and controlled but with a dashes of storyteller panache, allows the big issues to flow easily among the biographical details, making this a strong choice for middle school readers ready to tackle some historical complexity."
The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

"The text introduces its readers to new documents and scholarship about the once enslaved abolitionist. It’s also compelling to read Douglass’s words in breakout quotes and captions. This is an excellent biography . . ."
School Library Connection

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