Do It Today Some Encouragement

Do It Today

Some Encouragement

  • ISBN: 9781647008598
  • Publication Date: October 11, 2022


Price: $15.29

A guided encouragement journal for everyone in search of creative motivation.

Do It Today is a generous, empathetic, and accessible guide combining short essays, prompts, and open-ended questions that will inspire action. You will read, feel motivated, then put down this book and move. Inventively designed to give the reader space to dream and plan. Why start tomorrow when you can start today?

This is a journal for people who make things (or want to). People who have dreams (or want to find some). People who are seeking motivation in their daily lives (or need encouragement in the face of a big project or period of change).

In Do It Today, you will learn how to:
* Go toward your nerves
* Start before you’re ready
* Embrace percolation over productivity
* Find stamina and courage to keep going
* Recover after rejection
* Weave a web of community
* Share your wealth

Includes Color Illustrations by Tyler Spangler

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