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Writing Humor (Lit Starts) A Book of Writing Prompts

Writing Humor (Lit Starts)

A Book of Writing Prompts

  • ISBN: 9781647009724
  • Publication Date: July 5, 2022


Price: $11.69

A book of writing prompts from the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto, authors of the best-selling 642 Things series.

Focus on a single aspect of the craft of writing with help from the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto. Writing Humor starts with a foreword by author Chris Colin, who offers pointers for developing your own comedic style. The rest of the book consists of prompts and space to think, providing opportunities to explore your voice in various hilarious scenarios. Among other ideas, you’ll be asked to write:

  • an account of a bachelor, from the perspective of his refrigerator 

  • a Craigslist ad for something you are desperate to sell 

  • a eulogy to a pair of jeans that no longer fit
  • an evaluation of a coworker in the form of a school report card 

  • a list of embarrassing moments that are funny in hindsight 

Take to a café, on vacation, or on your morning commute and practice your creative writing a little bit at a time.

Special Features

  • Advice from a published writer, followed by prompts
  • Part of a collection of single-subject writing prompt books by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto

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"Good writing begins with WRITING–anything! JUST WRITE, GODAMMIT! Inside these books are 388 wildly creative, ridiculously fun ideas and prompts to get you going. Seriously, if these workbooks don't get you going, then you need to forget about writing and go open a dry-cleaning franchise."
bestselling author of Stiff, Spook, Bonk, and Grunt, among others, Mary Roach

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