Courtside 40 Years of NBA Photography


40 Years of NBA Photography

  • ISBN: 9798887075150
  • Publication Date: September 24, 2024


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40 years of stunning basketball photography—both on the court and off—from one of the sports’ greatest document chroniclers

As one of the NBA’s premier photographers, Nathaniel S. Butler has shot it all. From iconic moments like Ray Allen’s corner three to intimate portraits of Bill Russell and the NBA50 and NBA75 teams to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and Steph Curry clinching championships, if it was a history-making basketball moment, Butler was there. Courtside: 40 Years of NBA Photography is a stunning photographic collection spanning the first five decades of Butler’s career, including the current draft class’s rookie season. With commentary from NBA legends across generations, including Patrick Ewing, Steph Curry, Jeremy Lin, and Trae Young, it is the insider look at the National Basketball Association and the man whose photographs have helped define its rise.