Cheerleaders of Doom (NERDS Book Three)

The Cheerleaders of Doom (NERDS Book Three)

  • ISBN: 9781613126424
  • Publication Date: September 3, 2013


Price: $8.09

The excitement of international espionage combined with the awkwardness of elementary makes for non-stop laughs in NERDS, the hilarious series from New York Times bestselling author Michael Buckley!

A former NERDS team member named Gerdie (code name Mathlete) has invented a powerful device that she's using to loot alternate realities. Her goal? Plastic surgery and a spot on a competitive cheerleading squad. Gerdie's device is causing rips in the fabric of the universe. With her new face, no one can find her. It's up to Matilda "Wheezer" Choi to infiltrate the cheerleading squad and root out the villain. But can she give up punches and pro wrestling for claps and cartwheels?