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Art of LEGO Construction New York City Brick by Brick

The Art of LEGO Construction

New York City Brick by Brick

  • ISBN: 9781419734687
  • Publication Date: May 14, 2019


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The Art of LEGO Construction is the ultimate exploration of the architecture and history of New York City through the creative medium of LEGO—brick by brick.

Expert artist LEGO builder Jonathan Lopes presents iconic structures of his own design, including the Flatiron Building, the Woolworth Building, the Manhattan Bridge, Grand Central Terminal, Junior’s Diner, brownstones, fire houses, and much more! Each model has been beautifully photographed with full-scale views and close-up details, as well as brief instructional breakouts. Lopes’s masterful constructions will inspire builders of all ages.

Includes giant two-sided poster featuring the Chrysler Building and Grand Central Terminal

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