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Waves Pro Surfers and Their World


Pro Surfers and Their World

  • ISBN: 9781683356639
  • Publication Date: September 24, 2019


Price: $31.50

A vibrant celebration of surfers in and out of the water from an award-winning photographer. Here is an overfilled, beautiful book of the surf life, perfect for any coffee table and a great gift for anyone with a love of waves.

Professional photographer Thom Gilbert spent four years among surfer royalty at the top of their game—in Spain, New York, California, and Hawaii—with his camera trained not only on tiny figures disappearing in the waves, but also on the surfers’ faces and bodies back on land. He returned from the beaches with intimate portraits of the world’s best—from the newest talent to the oldest and most revered—and also with dramatic action shots and revealing images of the culture.

Surfing is a sport, a lifestyle, and an extreme sport. Surfers, both men and women, have their choice of how to face the ocean and the challenges it provides.

They can explore the meditative calming experience of waiting and catching great waves. That happens on every seacoast in every part of the world—from the Hamptons to Florida and Texas to the Southern California coast made popular by the Beach Boys. They can take on the biggest, most dangerous waves in the world in places like Mavericks, California, and Nazaré, Portugal, where surfing is an extreme sport. Or they can compete, earn big money and corporate sponsors, and join the tournament circuit that travels the world from Hawaii to Australia to South Africa.

No matter which choice you make, these images will strike a chord. You’ll see it in the faces and bodies of the surfers. In the water, waves, and coasts featured, you’ll find the same joy and thrill that you get from your surfing experience.

The book features 300 photographs along with Q&As and handwritten contributions from prominent figures in the world surf scene. With a foreword by Garrett McNamara, Guinness World Record holder and star of the hit miniseries 100 Foot Wave, Waves is an ode to surfing and to the men and women who live it every day.

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