Tomoko Takes the Lead (The Derby Daredevils Book #3)

Tomoko Takes the Lead (The Derby Daredevils Book #3)

  • ISBN: 9781419751721
  • Publication Date: June 1, 2021


Price: $14.99

The highly illustrated Derby Daredevils middle-grade series by writer Kit Rosewater and illustrator Sophie Escabasse continues in Book 3, Tomoko Takes the Lead, as shy Tomoko and the team attend roller derby summer camp in nearby Dallas, Texas.

School’s out, and the Derby Daredevils are excited to spend all summer tearing up the track. But, the coaches have something special planned: the Austin league is heading to Dallas for a week of roller derby sleepaway camp! Tomoko could not be more excited—she loves roller derby and her team. Plus, she’s been going camping with her uncle every summer since she can remember. She’s got all the gear and the skills she needs for two weeks in the great outdoors.

But roller derby camp isn’t in the great outdoors. It’s in the middle of the city. And it means meeting a bunch of new kids, which isn’t exactly a strength for shy, introverted Tomoko. Disappointed, she puts her head down and skates hard until the team gets lost in the middle of Dallas—without a grown-up or a cell phone to guide them back to camp. Tomoko uses her wilderness skills and navigational know-how to lead them home, and her calm demeanor to keep everyone feeling safe.

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"This book will roll off the shelves." 
Kirkus Reviews

"Warm, relevant, and inclusive, this title is accessible to readers who are new to the series, and a welcome addition for those who are already fans." 
School Library Journal

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