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Together at the Table Entertaining at home with the creators of Juliska

Together at the Table

Entertaining at home with the creators of Juliska

  • ISBN: 9781419761966
  • Publication Date: October 18, 2022


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In Together at the Table, Capucine De Wulf Gooding and David Gooding, the husband-and-wife founders of Juliska, the renowned tableware brand, share their philosophy on love and the art of living well.

Sharing their family stories and traditions for celebrating life’s special moments, Capucine and David delve into the soulful, the whimsical, and the delightedly imperfect art of entertaining. Their alluring mouth-blown Bohemian glassware and delicately embossed dinnerware make the perfect centerpieces for household bliss.

This must-have volume contains hundreds of inspiring ideas about indulging in playful celebrations—including holidays, bridal guidelines, and more—how to reinvent the classics by mixing and matching, and the elegance that can be found in both formal and casual dining. A culmination of culture, sentiment, and tradition, Together at the Table is the perfect muse for everyone seeking joy at the table and harmony in the home.

Includes Color Photographs

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