Thing About Spring

The Thing About Spring

  • ISBN: 9781419714924
  • Publication Date: February 17, 2015


Price: $16.95

From the bestselling author of the Library Mouse series comes a charming story about the changing seasons

Mouse, Bird, Bear, and Rabbit are friends. Though Mouse, Bird, and Bear love winter, they’re all excited that spring is finally here. But not Rabbit. He thinks that spring can only spell trouble: He won’t be able to make snow bunnies, the days are too long, and it rains all the time. Rabbit’s list goes on and on. But his friends can always counter his complaints with something good that spring brings: warm days, lots of good food, blooming flowers—until Rabbit admits that spring is full of pleasant surprises. The book includes punch-out finger puppets that will add value to this sweet eight-by-eight paperback.


"[A]nthropomorphic touches, like Rabbit’s scarf and Bear’s ball cap, give the characters a bit of personality, while the drab (but brightening) palette evokes the dissipating gloom of spring’s earliest days."
Publishers Weekly

"In a pleasing nod to young readers' enjoyment, the text makes good use of repetition and pattern...[t]he animals are appealing in their appearances and in their obvious devotion to one another—even to the Eeyore-like Rabbit."
Kirkus Reviews

"A fun and engaging addition to seasonal collections."
School Library Journal, Maryann H. Owen, Children’s Literature Specialist, Mt. Pleasant, WI