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Bear Report

The Bear Report

  • ISBN: 9781419707834
  • Publication Date: October 6, 2015


Price: $18.99

A girl and a polar bear take a stunning journey through the Arctic in this award-winning picture book from the author-illustrator of Alfie and How Do You Dance?

What’s there to say about polar bears? They’re big. They’re mean. They eat things. Bor-ing. At least that’s how Sophie feels when she sits down to do her homework.

But then something decidedly unboring happens—Sophie is whisked away to the Arctic by a jovial polar bear named Olafur. In a whirlwind of a day, he shows the reluctant Sophie the many brilliant things there are to see in his home, from glacier mice to the northern lights. Sophie begins to learn that the polar bear’s home is so much more than a barren, frozen land. It’s a world filled with life, adventure—and a new friend.

The Bear Report showcases the power of curiosity to fill any blank canvas, whether it’s an incomplete homework assignment or the Arctic ice.


"Gorgeous to look at and a tummy tickler to read, this is a very fine book indeed."
Kirkus Reviews

"Lush watercolor illustrations create a breathtaking setting shown from a variety of perspectives that capture the vastness and beauty of the region. The true details of the place become as fantastic as the fantasy elements of the plot... VERDICT Those inspired by the visuals and details may want to seek out more information on the Arctic and its wildlife."
School Library Journal

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