Library Mouse Home Sweet Home

Library Mouse

Home Sweet Home

  • ISBN: 9781419705441
  • Publication Date: September 3, 2013


Price: $18.99

In Library Mouse: Home Sweet Home, Sam and Sarah learn all about architecture in a picture book adventure by author/illustrator Daniel Kirk.

When Sam the library mouse and his friend Sarah wake to find the library being packed up to prepare for a major renovation, they realize they won’t have a home during the construction. So off they go in search of a new place to live.

Sam knows research is key, so he finds books about architectural styles to get ideas for building a temporary home from objects found around the library. They build and live in a variety of houses: a castle, an igloo, a yurt, a modern house, and even a geodesic dome. But none feels like home to Sam. Finally, though, the renovation of the library is complete, and they can move back to their true home, the library!

The book includes photos of the real house styles discussed in the text and a relevant glossary of architectural terms.

“This is a fine use of light fantasy to teach a little lesson about building structures, and it will be especially useful to those preparing children for the disruptions that come with home renovations.” —Booklist

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