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Tally Tuttle Turns into a Turtle (Class Critters #1)

Tally Tuttle Turns into a Turtle (Class Critters #1)

  • ISBN: 9781419759383
  • Publication Date: March 8, 2022


Price: $6.99

Kathryn Holmes’s Tally Tuttle Turns into a Turtle begins the humorous and heartfelt Class Critters chapter book series about a second-grade class where each kid turns into an animal for a day—featuring illustrations by Ariel Landy.

It’s Tally Tuttle’s first day of second grade, and she’s so nervous that she feels like she ate butterflies for breakfast! On top of moving to a new town and new school where she doesn’t know anyone, everyone starts teasing her when her full name, Tallulah, is revealed during roll call. She just wishes she could retreat into a shell. . . . Then all of a sudden, the desks and her classmates around her seem enormous, and Tally is shell-shocked to discover that she’s actually turned into a turtle!

She’d heard that Mrs. Norrell’s class was special, but she hadn’t expected this. Tally likes having a shell to hide in, but there are other parts of turtle life—like the fear of being stepped on—that aren’t exactly ideal. And once she’s tired of hiding, how can she change back into a girl? Tally will have to forge her own transformation back to herself and come out of her shell—both literally and figuratively!

In this chapter book series, Mrs. Norrell’s second grade classroom has magic that allows kids to transform into animals to learn important life lessons. Each book will follow a different kid and their animal transformation, and will include fun natural science facts about the featured animal in the back matter.

Includes a Sneak Peek at the second Class Critters book, David Dixon’s Day as a Dachshund


"An accessible tale that will appeal to young children looking for everyday coping strategies. . .A simple story told with aplomb." 
Kirkus Reviews

"This charming title will appeal to young children looking for everyday magic and practical coping strategies for life changes." 

School Library Journal

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