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  • ISBN: 9781419722998
  • Publication Date: May 2, 2017


Price: $17.95

When a lonely fisherman finds an injured bird on his boat, he nurtures it back to health and—since the bird can no longer migrate with its family—charts a course to head south for the winter. Together, the two form a special friendship and enjoy life at sea until both the healing process and the journey must come to an end. In the tradition of the classic Amos & Boris, South is a story about making new friends and the bittersweet process of saying good-bye to the ones we love. It beautifully depicts the power of new beginnings and the freedom in coming home.


"Sweet and affecting...The warm, detailed illustrations are the stars of Duncan's simple friendship fable."

"Duncan excels at capturing emotion, and his spreads balance cinematic views of ocean life with warm humanity."
Publishers Weekly

"The illustrations give a strong sense of comfort; scenes set in the cozy cabin are awash in warm browns and grays, in sharp contrast to the vast, cold ocean...others will just appreciate the romance of a temporary friendship on the high seas."

"Newcomer Duncan has an eye for detail that shows from the opening endpapers...gentle stories of friendship are an important part of the literary diet for the very young."
Horn Book Magazine

"Like the best seafaring picture books, this one both evokes deep, unaccountable emotions, and soothes them."
New York Times Book Review

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