Snuggle the Baby An Interactive Board Book

Snuggle the Baby

An Interactive Board Book

  • ISBN: 9781419711244
  • Publication Date: April 15, 2014


Board Book
Price: $12.99

Snuggle the Baby is a lovely-to-look-at and fun-to-play-with board book featuring warm retro-inspired illustrations from award-winning author and illustrator Sara Gillingham.

“This interactive offering invites little ones to practice taking care of babies, playing with them, feeding them and putting them to bed.” —Kirkus Reviews

This fun and instructive novelty board book plays like a doll and reads as a gentle “How to Care for Baby” manual for young children.

Incorporating real tactics for newborn care, your child can interact with the baby in the book in a variety of ways, from feeding Baby with a (removable) bottle to swaddling Baby in a soft blanket. This book features necessary skillsets for infant care, and other activities include:

  • Shushing
  • Tickling
  • Diapering
  • Rocking
  • Tucking In

Snuggle the Baby includes a sturdy removable paper doll for children to snuggle, swaddle, and tuck in. Perfect for soon-to-be older siblings or doll-loving toddlers, this book encourages children to read while they play and practice empathy and care. Expecting a new baby sibling can be stressful, but Snuggle the Baby demonstrates that being a big brother or sister can also be really fun!

Note: The sturdy paper doll from the next to last page should be removed from the book and pressed into the empty spot on the final page as you tuck Baby in with the blanket. Missing the baby in the last page is not a defect.