Rosé All Day The Essential Guide to Your New Favorite Wine

Rosé All Day

The Essential Guide to Your New Favorite Wine

  • ISBN: 9781419724107
  • Publication Date: April 11, 2017


Price: $24.95

In Rosé All Day, wine writer Katherine Cole takes us on an entertaining survey of the history of the wine, moving from the goblets of King Louis XIV to the vineyards of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Cole explains in detail how rosé is created and then tells us where to find the good stuff.

The book invites readers to journey from the sunny vineyards of southern France to the idyllic hillsides of Italy and beyond. Organized by region, each chapter includes an overview of the general characteristics of the area’s wine, profiles of exciting producers, and tasting notes, along with specific recommendations for wines to taste. With atmospheric regional descriptions, savvy advice on wines to buy, creative food pairing suggestions, and pretty-in-pink illustrations, Rosé All Day is a colorful, spirited, essential resource that is sure to quench any wine lover’s thirst.


“Katherine Cole proves that there is so much more to our insatiable thirst for pink wine than picnics and Hamptons ragers. Beautifully designed, witty, and intelligent, this as much a relevant guide to the world’s best rosés as it is a unique window into pop wine culture—and history. Rosé All Day is the rare wine book that finds the elusive balance between information and entertainment.”
Talia Baiocchi, editor-in-chief of Punch and author of Sherry and Spritz

“Pink may be pretty, but as Rosé All Day demonstrates, pink wine is anything but fluff stuff. Katherine Cole dives deep into the realm of rosé, and proves that rosé can be serious wine that still doesn’t take itself too seriously.”
Paul Clarke, executive editor of Imbibe and author of The Cocktail Chronicles

“When it comes to wine, anything Katherine Cole writes is always essential reading—and this fun, accessible, informative book is no exception. Consider this your guide to everything rosé.”
Jennifer Fiedler, author of The Essential Bar Book and contributing editor at Wine Spectator

“From pop culture to viticulture, Katherine Cole's gorgeous new Rosé All Day will have you wanting to drink pink all year round. This sweeping beauty of a book goes down easy and provides even the most novice of wine readers a spirited, but in-depth look into the history and culture of today's most stylish drink. Read it and you'll be looking at the world permanently through rosé colored glasses. I adore it.”
Colu Henry, author of Back Pocket Pasta

"Rosé All Day is comprehensive and entertaining. Katherine Cole delves into the history of rosé—going back further than anyone would have imagined—and has kept abreast of new trends, styles, regions, and methodologies. The girl knows her pink!"
Patrick Comiskey, Senior Correspondent at Wine & Spirits

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