Playgirl: The Official History of a Cult Magazine

Playgirl: The Official History of a Cult Magazine

  • ISBN: 9781419774928
  • Publication Date: October 29, 2024


Price: $35.00

A lively, unbelievably fun (even titillating!) art book that celebrates Playgirl magazine’s 50-year anniversary, including historic articles, spreads, commentary, photography, and artwork from the ’70s through today

Playgirl is a movement.

This groundbreaking magazine was never just a pale imitation of Playboy; it was a major player at the dawn of women’s liberation, featuring stories on barrier-breaking women from across the globe, articles about reproductive health, and interviews with feminist icons.

All this revolutionary material could be found nestled among the tasteful and erotic male nudes that the magazine was built on, leading Playgirl to resonate, too, with the significant gay male readership it maintains today.

This wide-reaching Playgirl compendium includes not only some of the most important and engaging archival materials from across the past five decades, but also a number of new essays about the publication’s origins, its role in the women’s liberation movement, and its contributions to pop culture at large.

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