Peanut Butter & Santa Claus A Zombie Culinary Tale

Peanut Butter & Santa Claus

A Zombie Culinary Tale

  • ISBN: 9781419736346
  • Publication Date: October 15, 2019


Price: $16.99

When Santa gets snowed in at the North Pole, it’s up to three heroes from Quirkville to save the day—but they’re in for an ooey-gooey surprise!

Reginald (the zombie), Zarfon (the alien), and Abigail Zink (the human) are all preparing for Christmas in Quirkville when the terrible news breaks: CHRISTMAS IS CANCELED! Santa is snowed in at the North Pole. The three friends hatch a plan to save the day. They load into Zarfon’s spaceship—along with lots of peanut butter for a surprise Christmas delivery to his home planet later on—and head straight for the North Pole. When they arrive, they find that Santa and his elves are trapped, not by snow, but by a marshmallow cream explosion. With a little bit of creativity, a little bit of Christmas spirit, and one big KA-POW!, the pals from Quirkville save Christmas and inadvertently create a delicious treat!


"Zarfon’s non-verbal speech balloons, and larger-than-life comedy work together to
deliver a sweet-and-salty tale."
Horn Book Magazine

"McGee again delivers an unlikely mash-up of zombies, aliens, and food for readers who just might prefer Halloween over Christmas."
Publishers Weekly