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One Bear Extraordinaire

One Bear Extraordinaire

  • ISBN: 9781419716546
  • Publication Date: September 8, 2015


Price: $16.95

Bear is a rambling musician. An entertainer. A legend. One Bear Extraordinaire.

Bear wakes up one morning with a song in his head, but something is missing. What’s a one-bear band to do? He travels the forest in search of his song and meets a few other musicians along the way, but even with their help, his song still feels incomplete. Will Bear find the perfect accompaniment and learn that every song sounds sweeter with friends by his side?

Jayme McGowan brings Bear and his merry band to life with intricate and innovative threedimensional cut-paper art that is nothing short of extraordinary.


"McGowan’s writing has a pleasing musical lilt...but it’s her artwork that really stands out...McGowan’s layered images have a rusticity that’s in keeping with her itinerant musicians’ free-spirited mind-set."
Publishers Weekly

"McGowan's art, three-dimensional illustrations of painted, cut, assembled, and photographed scenes, is a wonder to behold in its ingenuity and animation. Now all this story needs is an audience, and it's sure to drum one up."
Kirkus Reviews

"I would challenge anyone not to be charmed by the artwork in this book. Ms. McGowan's debut shows an infectious love for her craft and for picture books. From Bear's potbelly to the band's instruments, there is a gentle simplicity to this story that should be savored."
Erin Stead, Caldecott Medal-winning illustrator

“Beautifully designed, richly colored cut-paper illustrations effectively show the movement implicit in Bear’s musical search while allowing each character’s unique personality to shine through. Sweeping landscapes alternate with scenes in rustic frames that give the effect of placing the characters on a stage. There is much to relish in this story of camaraderie.” 

“McGowan's intricate papercut art and playful cast of characters are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and leave you howling with delight.” 
Huffington Post

“It’s an entertaining story of acceptance and community with wonderful, juicy words like ‘footslogged,’ but the art is what really stands out.” – Julie Danielson of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Julie Danielson

"The book is beautifully written, and playfully illustrated by McGowan’s intricate three-dimensional cut paper illustrations. A note discusses how she designed, cut, assembled, and layered each piece of artwork, staging miniature scenes in a paper theater, which she then photographed for her book."
School Library Connection

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