How to Eat Chocolate Delicious and Decadent Recipes

How to Eat Chocolate

Delicious and Decadent Recipes

  • ISBN: 9781837760206
  • Publication Date: August 8, 2023


Price: $16.99

In this richly illustrated book guaranteed to make your mouth water, you’ll discover many fun and delicious things you can do with chocolate.

There’s so much more to chocolate than a candy bar or a frosted topping. This book reveals a whole world of chocolatey creativity out there for you to experiment with, and you’ll soon be whipping up creations such as:

  • Chocolate balloons
  • Dainty chocolate cups
  • Bonfire-roasted banana splits
  • Gourmet spiced hot chocolate with all the flavors
  • Mug cakes
  • Brownies

Chockful of delicious richness, the recipes in How to Eat Chocolate will inspire greed, gluttony, and self-indulgence—all the virtues that a self-respecting chocoholic holds dear—while the colorful retro-inflected illustrations make the book an irresistible gift.

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