How to Drink Coffee

How to Drink Coffee

  • ISBN: 9781837760251
  • Publication Date: October 31, 2023


Price: $16.99

Sarah Ford’s How to Drink Coffee is a guide to the many stimulating and aromatic things you can do with a coffee bean—richly illustrated by Kari Modéna perfect gift bookthat’s sure to perk you up!

Jumpstart your brew with new coffee knowledge! With this book, you’ll discover how to make a perfect cup everywhere on the coffee spectrum—from stimulating ristretto to comforting mocha—and experiment with spices, spirits, and all kinds of coffee-based drinks. You’ll discover delicious recipes for café treats and accompaniments, too. Colorful and informative, How to Drink Coffee is the perfect gift for the person in your life who simply can’t do anything before their first cup of the day.

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