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House Beautiful Live Colorfully

House Beautiful

Live Colorfully

  • ISBN: 9781419762864
  • Publication Date: October 25, 2022


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An inspiring, accessible collection of the colorful interiors at the heart of the House Beautiful.

House Beautiful: Live Colorfully showcases a wide range of colorful homes, with an emphasis on spaces that have a distinctive “color point of view.” Maybe it’s how to pair multiple bright paints in one room, or how to build a palette from a prized textile or wallcovering—no color is off limits. In addition to super-pigmented lacquers and a rainbow of pastels, chapters also feature neutrals such as an all-wood interior and a home in creams and whites that still has tons of personality.

Each of these homes are shown across multiple spreads that feature highlights from both the interiors and exteriors. Additionally, sidebars sprinkled throughout offer a wide array of tips for both the novice and expert interior designer, including smart paint pairings, how to read a room’s light before committing to a color, how to stencil paint onto a wall, and much more.

House Beautiful: Live Colorfully is a timeless collection of inspiring homes with all of the unexpected takeaways that readers of the interior design magazine have loved for years.

Includes Color Illustrations

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