Heart Stones

Heart Stones

  • ISBN: 9780810994652
  • Publication Date: December 1, 2007


Price: $19.99

Photographer Josie Iselin, author of Abrams’ very popular Beach Stones, has put together a magical collection of 100 heart stones, and each one expresses a universal feeling.

A heart stone is one of nature’s gifts. Heart stones are not rare or precious in the typical sense—a good scour of a beach with any stones at all will usually turn up one or two heart-shaped stones. But heart stones, lifted from their obscurity, with all of their cracks and blemishes, lopsided and imperfect, are simply the best find on any beach. Beachcombers collect them, keep them as talismans, and give them to friends and lovers.

Love, passion, admiration, obsession, reassurance, joy, intrigue, comfort, wonder, and many other human emotions seem to be portrayed in these homely but appealing objects. This little photography book can bring great pleasure to anyone who has ever sought inspiration and solace in nature.

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