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Gray Malin: Goals (Guided Journal) Make Every Day Count

Gray Malin: Goals (Guided Journal)

Make Every Day Count

  • ISBN: 9781419743887
  • Publication Date: September 1, 2020


Price: $19.99

A guided journal for dreaming and writing about the good things in life, inspired by Gray Malin’s aspirational lifestyle brand

Gray Malin’s Goals: Make Every Day Count guided journal is a serene space for envisioning the life you want to lead. Featuring Malin’s inspiring photography of beautiful places and soaring aerial views throughout, the journal contains a series of prompts to help you reflect on what makes you feel energized, balanced, and poised to do great things. The prompts vary in format, from list-making to jotting down notes and checking off adventures, all organized by types of goals such as travel, relationships, health and wellness, and creative aspirations.

Suggestions and advice from Malin himself are sprinkled throughout, encouraging you to find ways to make every day important and to enjoy the journey and process.