Finding Mr. Trunks A Picture Book

Finding Mr. Trunks

A Picture Book

  • ISBN: 9781641709866
  • Publication Date: June 11, 2024


Price: $16.99

Annemarie Riley Guertin’s heartwarming picture book Finding Mr. Trunks highlights the positive impact of social media and brings people together to help #FindMrTrunks.

Somewhere between the security checkpoint and Gate 2 is where it happened. The grip around my neck loosened. Oh, no! Libby? Libbyyyyy! When Libby accidentally drops her beloved stuffed elephant, Mr. Trunks, at the airport, he must figure out how to reconnect with her before they’re separated forever. With help from a friendly baby and big brother en route to Italy, Mr. Trunks comes up with a clever plan to harness the power of social media and #FindMrTrunks.

With quirky illustrations by Andrea Alemanno and a magical world of people and animals, this modern tale of finding home and the power of collective kindness is sure to give you all the heart eyes.


Since she was born, Wren has always loved birds, especially the wrens, who always sang to her to sleep every night. With her cat Sammy and her grandpa, Wren watches the birds make homes outside her window each spring. With her grandpa, Wren goes sightseeing, but suddenly, her family moves into the city. But in the rafters of her new home, Wren sees a family of phoebes and knows her days with the birds are far from over. Short and cute, this picture book delves into the lives of birds and one girl's love for all of them. Wren grows into her own and shows her new sibling the beauty of birds. Beautiful golds and greens color the pages of this enjoyable picture book. With the tips and tricks in the back of the book that teach about nurturing and loving birds, this book is for any science or bird fanatic.
—Children's Literature

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