Feeling Boo A Picture Book

Feeling Boo

A Picture Book

  • ISBN: 9781419772443
  • Publication Date: August 6, 2024


Price: $18.99

Authors and Tony Award-winning producers Alex Boniello and April Lavalle perfectly balance sweet and spooky in Feeling Boo, a charming and supportive picture book that reminds readers it’s ok to feel a little boo, especially if you have friends to help you through

It’s OK to feel a little bit BOO, especially if you have friends to help you through.

Ollie and Ellie have been friends for hundreds of years. They love taking long midnight floats through the graveyard, going on haunting sprees, and playing dress-up. But when Ollie wakes up feeling boo, Ellie isn’t quite sure what to do. She tries everything she can think of to cheer Ollie up, but nothing seems to do the trick. Finally, Ellie learns that just being present with her friend is all he really needs.

Told with equal parts humor and heart, this picture book is a kid-friendly, not-so-scary conversation-starter about mental health and the joy of friendship.


"Peppered with spooky puns...Children will appreciate this expressive spectral duo’s tender friendship...Hauntingly good fun."
—Kirkus Reviews

"The important message found between the pages of this book needs to be heard by little ones, and even if they do not completely understand some of the text, perhaps the book is the spark to get their ­caretakers talking about mental health."
—School Library Journal

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