Animal Tracks Wild Poems to Read Aloud

Animal Tracks

Wild Poems to Read Aloud

  • ISBN: 9780810948419
  • Publication Date: April 1, 2004


Price: $14.95

A rollicking follow-up to the award-winning Animal Trunk. Charles Ghigna guides young readers to make delightful discoveries about the amazing world of animals with his unique, humorous verse. Chock full of puns ("I'm Not Lion"), wordplay ("Ducks Quack Me Up"), and more, the poems, and the cast of critters that cavorts in each one, are brought boldly to life by John Speirs's hilarious artwork. Perfect for reading aloud, Animal Tracks is a playful way to enhance learning about language as well as a charming way to introduce animals. This collection is a winning combination of facts, fantasy, fun, fur and feathers—perfect for reading aloud—provided you can stop giggling long enough!