100 First Words for Little Utahns

100 First Words for Little Utahns

  • ISBN: 9781641709590
  • Publication Date: June 18, 2024


Board Book
Price: $9.99

Join the fun and get your baby in on the lingo of being a true Utahn from day one!

Driving up and down the I-15, exploring gorgeous national parks, and dipping everything in fry sauce, we’re Utahns in every fiber of our being. But how do we pass on our love for this bea-UTAH-ful state to our baby? Oh my heck! Introducing 100 First Words for Little Utahns, a state primer for kids learning their first words! Forget apple and dog. Little Utahns are ready to move from ABC to MLM and other Utah-specific words like Timp, Pando, and deseret. Packed with hilarious illustrations and 100 words every Utah-born baby should know. Whether you bleed red or blue, 100 First Words for Little Utahns is the perfect board book for families who call Utah home.

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